Hot Rolled Buildings

Hot Rolled Buildings

Ryman Steel Buildings are crafted from the highest quality steel. Your building will be designed, delivered and erected in the fastest time possible. Our design solution enables us to make your building cost effective and installed efficiently.

About Hot Rolled Buildings: 

Hot rolled steel is rolled at a much higher temperature than cold rolled steel which makes it more workable for bespoke designs. Hot rolled steel buildings can incorporate crane beams, mezzanine floors and push walls easily within the design of the steel structure. Hot rolled steel building frames tend to be thicker and more robust than cold rolled frames and are normally used for larger spans for industrial use or agricultural buildings.


  • Buildings can achieve clear spans larger than 22m

  • Buildings can achieve heights greater than 6.5m 

  • More versatile for bespoke designs

  • Better used in corrosive environments eg agricultural sheds or swimming pools etc

  • Can easily have a floor or mezzanine tied into the structure

  • More traditional style of building

  • Can include sliding doors

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