Cladding and Doors

Types of cladding

At Ryman Steel Buildings we provide different types of cladding to suit the specific requirements of each project. You can choose from non-insulated single skin cladding or insulted Kingspan cladding.

We can also offer fibre cement roof sheets and tile effect roof panels which can be either insulated or non-insulted.


Non insulated cladding:

  • Various ranges of standard colours

  • Ideal for garages, storage warehouses, agricultural buildings etc

  • Anti-condensation roof barrier is pre-fitted to avoid condensation inside the building

  • Cost effective


Kingspan insulted cladding:

Kingspan is the market-leader in insulated cladding, that’s why all insulated buildings supplied by Ryman Steel Buildings come with Kingspan panels as standard. We offer a range of panels with various levels of thickness from 40mm to 120mm. We also offer Microrib cladding and tile effect roof panels.

  • Complies with fire boundary regulations

  • Complies with both warehouse specification and office specification depend on the level of insulation

  • Data sheets for U Values and Fire Ratings

  • 30-year manufacturer's guarantee

  • Vast range of standard and non-standard colours



We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality doors to meet any requirements and the recommendations for your building, including:

• Standard-sized doors

• Double-opening doors

• 10-point locking steel personnel access doors

• Category 5 industrial roller doors non insulated or insulated

· Sliding Doors non insulated or insulated

• Doors fitted with glazing panels for a less industrial look

• Fire doors with push-bar mechanisms that comply with fire regulations

Many of our door openings are available as either manual or motorised operation. You can also choose from a wide range of factory colours to match or contrast your chosen cladding and flashings.


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