Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a hot rolled and cold rolled steel framed building?

Simply put, there are two different manufacturing methods for steel - hot rolling and cold rolling. Both methods are used for the steel for steel frame buildings projects and each has its own merits. The main difference between hot and cold rolled buildings is that buildings of a larger span require hot rolled metal to be used. Here’s why . . Hot rolled steel buildings tend to be thicker and more robust than cold rolled steel. The steel is manufactured at a high room temperature or around 1000 degrees centigrade. Cold rolled steel buildings are lightweight and versatile. They often require more shallow foundations which results in a faster and more affordable project. Cold rolled steel is perfect for steel frame buildings with a span of 22 metres and a maximum eaves height of 6.5 metres. Want to know more? Get in touch and discuss your requirements with a member of the Ryman Steel Buildings team. We're happy to discuss your project and explain which type of building will be best for you.